Mick Haren breathes new life into unreleased songs by Andre Hazys

Mick Haren breathes new life into unreleased songs by Andre Hazys

This is probably every folk singer's dream: to breathe new life into an unreleased song by Andre Hazys. But for Mick Haren it has become a reality, as he has received four unreleased songs from Joop Hazes that have been in his closet all this time. The first sentence can now be heard: “This is of course something very unique.”

''My golden boy, up all night. He is my companion from early evening until late night! ,” echoes through the Eddy Bar café, where the new video was also recorded. One thing is for sure: If Hazes had released the song at the time, Haren simply would have thought it had become a hit.

But the record company saw no use for it, and so the song ended up, along with three others, in Brother Job's closet for nearly forty years, who now dedicated it to singer and family friend Mick Harren. “He still gets money from me,” Jupp says with a laugh.

However, it couldn't have come at a better time for Mick. He's recently started making a comeback and can tap into songs that have never been heard before: “For me, this is of course gold.”

Just give me Holland

And in March we can expect Hazes' second single from the popular singer: “Give Me Holland”. “It's about giving me sauerkraut with bacon,” says Haren. “Because you don't have that abroad, leave Italy and Spain alone.”

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