Mention the Utrecht podcast "Sorry for my brother" at Zilveren Reismicrofoon

Mention the Utrecht podcast “Sorry for my brother” at Zilveren Reismicrofoon

The podcast series “Sorry voor mijn brother” received an honorable mention from the jury with the presentation of Zilveren Reismicrofoon, a prestigious Dutch radio award. The podcast was developed by the Hogeschool Utrecht Social Security Knowledge Analysis research group.

podcasts Telling the story of two brothers Nahab and Nabil who escaped from the Taliban as children in seven episodes, the podcast delves into the brothers’ lives.

According to the jury, the Afghan refugee family is “loved and without judgment portrayed.” One brother put his life back on track and went to work in a juvenile detention center, while the other brother ended up on the wrong side of the bars. Jury.

“The pressing question of the difference between the two life paths gives face to the field of criminology.” The jury also believes that the series offers a glimpse into a situation that normally remains hidden. “The medium of podcasting seems ideally suited to this story, due to the deep nature of the dual image.”

bridge construction

Podcast episodes stem from the Audio Criminology Project Acknowledgment of the code of conduct from Utrecht College. For the production there was a collaboration with podcast makers Sjoerd Litjens and Jan Paul de Bondt.

“Fictional stories make the need for careful consideration in the development of criminal behavior more evident than scientific studies,” says Lecteur Andrea Doncker. H.U.

“[…] We wanted to build a bridge between science and practice using this podcast, to make knowledge and insight about the development of criminal behavior accessible to students and professionals interested or interested in working with forensic target groups.”

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Zilveren Reissmicrofoon is an award given annually to the best radio show or best radio maker. This has been happening since 1966. The jury consists of radio critics and media journalists. Podcasts can be listened to via Spotify.

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