Mart Smeets paused as commentator on Ziggo Sport: 'I will not advance through this site' |  Show

Mart Smeets paused as commentator on Ziggo Sport: ‘I will not advance through this site’ | Show

UpdateMart Smeets believes that it is extremely unfortunate that Ziggo Sport lost its NBA rights and that his commentary work has been discontinued as a result. After retiring from NOS Studio Sport in 2012, the former basketball player began commenting on NBA matches for the pay channel, which broadcasts nightly in the Netherlands.

Does this end Smits’ (74) long career commentator? Or is he throwing a dick at the new NBA rights holder? ‘I certainly wouldn’t go through this site,’ chuckles Smits, whose new book O Canada was published today, in his hometown of Harlem. “At this time, it is not yet clear who the NBA will be broadcasting now.”

Regardless of who becomes the new anchor, Smeets hopes they will offer work to two colleagues they work with behind the scenes. I’ll argue, they’re very good. I hope I can help them find a runway. Look, I’m old, but they really have to move on.”

For now, Smeets’ voice can still be heard via Ziggo Sport, which also lost Formula 1 rights this week. Tomorrow evening commenting on another NBA game from Hilversum. between who? Deep sigh: , between the Los Angeles Clippers and… I’ll have to look up the opponent’s name when I get home. worst.”

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