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Apple introduces macOS 13. The new version of the operating system is called Ventura and comes with new multitasking functions. In addition, Spotlight will receive new functionality and the operating system will have the option to use the iPhone as a webcam.

new In macOS Ventura He is the stage manager. This is a feature that shows apps and windows on the side of the screen, while active apps appear in the center of the screen. This way, according to Apple, users can switch between different apps more easily. The feature is turned on and off via the Control Center.

Spotlight is also getting an update. This search feature allows users to search for images in their photo library, on their Mac, and on the web from macOS Ventura. It will also be possible to search for text in images via the new Live Text API. The search functionality also gets the option to start timers, create new documents, or enable a shortcut. Spotlight will now also show more information about movies, TV series, actors, and artists.

Apple is also adding the Continuity Camera feature to its operating system. This allows Mac users to use their iPhone as a webcam, with features like Center Stage and iPhone portrait mode working as well. The feature works with the primary camera and the ultra-wide-angle camera on the back of the iPhone. Handoff is also coming to FaceTime. This allows users to start a FaceTime call on a Mac and transfer it to an iPhone or iPad and vice versa.

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According to Apple, the search functionality in the Mail app is also being renewed. Users’ recent emails, documents, contacts, and links are automatically displayed when they click the mail search bar. From now on, users can also schedule emails and pull sent emails, for example if users notice a misspelling soon after sending. According to Apple, the app also detects if attachments or recipients are missing in ccs. It will also be possible to schedule follow-up reminders.

Messages will also have the option to completely edit or withdraw sent messages, just like in iOS 16. When users share a file via Messages, they’ll be given the option to send a copy or “collaborate.” The latter option allows multiple users to make changes to the document. It will also be possible to create a shared photo library via iCloud. The Settings app will also be changed to look like iPadOS and iOS.

Safari gets a feature for sharing tabs with users, which also makes it possible to see which tabs their friends are viewing in real time. Safari also receives support for biometric “passkeys,” rather than passwords. Major tech companies, including Apple, Google and Microsoft, indicated earlier this month that they It will support passwordless login on all their platforms

Moreover, Apple is also announcing a new version of its Metal API, which, according to the company, is aimed at gaming. However, the company offers MetalFX Upscaling technology, which allows developers to render a game at a lower resolution and then upscale it to a higher resolution for better frame rates. The company also talks about ‘temporal smoothing’. Metal also gets a Fast Resource Loading API, which will allow assets to be loaded from storage to the GPU faster. In addition, several new games will be available on Mac computers equipped with the Apple Silicon chip: EA’s GRID Legends and Resident Evil Village. No Man’s Sky is coming to Macs and iPads this year.

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The first beta of macOS Ventura will be released on Monday. A full release of the operating system is planned for this fall. The operating system works on MacBook Air and Mac Mini 2018 and later models, MacBook models and MacBook Pro 2017 and later, iMacs and iMac Pros 2017 and later, and 2019 Mac Pro.

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