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I read enthusiastically the prejudices, the uninformed opinions, the input of experience of course.

If you can look at the amount, acquisitions, profits, and other business inputs without emotion, I see the following.

The described problem is that there are those who want to continue both the classic crusade and the burning crusade.

With (re) introducing tuberculosis, it is natural to “continue your life on success”. But to avoid the mistakes of the past (we want to play the classic again), Blizzard has responded well to this potential need.

You will be given the option to stay on Classic OR to pursue TBC. For people who do not wish to make this choice, one can request a reproduction of their dialect. This is not free (not for the supplier or for the customer)

What’s not free is to preserve the “ecosystem” of retail, classic age, and TB. Obviously, it knows the known services, databases, and instances, each with version and configuration management (ASL, BISL, ITIL).

So what I paid for it was to reach or rather preserve 1 of the ages. This, in turn, provides you with a feeling of compromise, shedding emotionally valuable items from your inventory and / or bank openings, or severing existing relationships with your online friends.

It’s great that you get the choice and access to the three available epochs (expansions) and you only have to pay if you want to keep an additional offer with items, gold and levels.

The latter was of course an opinion from me. I would have preferred to have this option when I played the original over decades later.

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