look.  Tom Pidcock’s impulsive reaction after a risky descent and a warning from his mother Van der Poel: “Don’t the kids try this? Right” | Sport

look. Tom Pidcock’s impulsive reaction after a risky descent and a warning from his mother Van der Poel: “Don’t the kids try this? Right” | Sport

CyclingTom Pidcock commented on his stuntman skills. Together with YouTuber Safa Brian, the Brit rode down the twisty and steep Tuna Canyon in Southern California. Not only did this lead to stunning visuals, but also the question of whether she was responsible. “Matthew, you can’t do that,” even Corinne Poulidor admonished her son, Mathieu van der Pol. Pidcock is now framing the amazing descent. “It was one of the roads and there was a car in front of us.”

look. Pidcock takes a lightning dive, but escapes falling

The elevation difference is approximately 400 meters by 4.4 kilometers. 65 courses and an average slope of 9.75%. These numbers are really mind-boggling. What about the descending skills of rider Eneos Pidcock? The Brit fell like a real daredevil. At 1’13” it appeared to have gone wrong, but Pidcock corrected himself and stayed straight.Another day at the officeBriton wrote about the video (see above).

The landing was not part of a competition or practice. The former cyclocross world champion descended into Tuna Canyon with Safa Bryan. An American YouTuber, who has already posted several speed landing videos on his channel. In 2020, set the fastest time in Tuna Canyon. It took Brian 4’19 “to dive all the way through. If we analyze the video, we’ll arrive at a time of 5 minutes 7 seconds for Pidcock. He lives up to his reputation as the best descender in the professional peloton,” said the American.

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Amazing, but also responsible? This question came later. “Matthew, you’re not allowed to do that,” Van der Pol’s mother, Corinne Poulidor, wrote. So Pidcock provided an explanation for that. “I was blown away by the many reactions. I had already ridden the descent a few times. It was also one way and there was a car in front of me that made sure the track was clear. I was told that was something kids shouldn’t experience. Right. But. childrenGo cycling with your friends. And enjoy. I’ve done it 1,000 times before I had the technique to take that plunge. Enjoy it and keep it safe.”

Pidcock replied. © Instagram Bedcock

Tour de France

Pidcock also made an impression on the downhill at the Tour last year. At Quatorze Juillet, the French national holiday, Pidcock showed off his piloting skills on the Galibier descent. With much bravado, the Brit fell. He also showed his skills on the descents of the Croix de Fer. In the end, Pidcock won the stage atop the Alpes d’Huez.

Pidcock on last year's Conscious Tour.
Pidcock is on the Conscious Tour stage last year. © Photo News

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