London Under Rule of the Missing Sarah (33): Agent suspected of kidnapping and murdering |  Abroad

London Under Rule of the Missing Sarah (33): Agent suspected of kidnapping and murdering | Abroad

Everard disappeared without a trace in London on March 3. She was on her way home at the time between Clapham Junction and Brixton. Right before her disappearance, she called her 33-year-old friend for another 15 minutes. When she didn’t get home, her boyfriend raised the alarm and called the police.

Her disappearance is very exciting. Police searched for the woman with sniffer dogs, and according to British media, they visited hundreds of homes in the area. The marketing employee’s family and friends distributed flyers.

‘Shocking and very disturbing’

Police officer Nick Evgrave described the man’s arrest as a significant development. He said it was “horrific and very disturbing” that the suspect himself worked in the police force. The man was arrested at an address in Dell, in the Kent area, southeast London. According to the Daily Mail, he is a 48-year-old man. He is suspected of having committed kidnapping and murder.

The man is in the unit responsible for protecting government buildings, embassies, and residences of ministers and senior visitors, among other things. The officer is also suspected of committing a public sexual crime. Suspicion of involvement of the arrested woman.

Forest in Kent

According to British media, only a few houses and forests have been searched in Kent. A search will be conducted on the locations of Ashford and Dale. A police tent is seen and a black seat is taken from a home in Dell.

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Evgrave said the suspect was not working when Everard disappeared. He did not want to give further details, but expressed his hope that the disappeared woman would survive. He said everything is being done to track her down.

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Police have called on Londoners in the area to review as many surveillance footage and dashcam as possible, in hopes of finding a trace of Sarah.

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