Lois will compete in the World Championships in Texas, USA

Lois will compete in the World Championships in Texas, USA

Lois Rose Seibel, 13, from Zeewoldt, has been competing in the Steak Cookoff Association (SCA) BBQ competitions in the Netherlands since this year. Inspired by her father, she started in the back garden Learn how to make the best steak.

Lois has a great taste and has even won a golden ticket to compete in the SCA Steak World Championships in the USA in March 2024. Will be one of the youngest participants in the competition with all seasoned BBQers. The first prize of the World Championship is $10,000.

The World Championship starts with preliminary rounds and if you pass the preliminary round, you will participate in the finals. Lois does everything she can to make it to the finals. Lois is thrilled to have so many sponsors supporting her, Primo Ceramic Grills makes BBQ in Fort Worth, Texas. Getting them on the plane is a bit of a pain. Lois' plane ticket is sponsored by Thermapen Netherlands. In addition, Holland Reklame and Standbouw and Autobedrijf van der Knaap contribute. All expenses are not yet covered, including accommodation, groceries, and transportation to lodging in Texas.

Lois has set up a GoFundMe page for the cause. Anyone interested can support Lois here.

On February 9, he held a moment for journalists and guests where he predicted his abilities. She was able to explain how she prepares the steak, which herbs to use and how to achieve a juicy, tender steak. A matter of several hours.

His first competition took place in September at the BBQ Village in Emmeloord, where there were more than 25 participants from all over Europe, including several European Champions. It's all about the best steak during the competition. Points are awarded for taste, tenderness, doneness and presentation. First, when choosing a steak, choose the best ribeye, then trim the steak finely, removing the fatty edges. At least 300°C. . If the steak is the way you like it, hand the steak in a sealed box and the panel of judges taste it without knowing who made it.

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Her father (Ann) and her teammates Mark and Wilko will compete in the 2024 World Championships in Texas.

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