Linda Hackebom and Rod De Wilde transport viewers with photos of her scars after being diagnosed with cancer |  show

Linda Hackebom and Rod De Wilde transport viewers with photos of her scars after being diagnosed with cancer | show

The perfect pictureThe perfect pictureParticipant Linda Hackebom made an impression yesterday with the photos she had to shoot for a mission that was all about freedom. Help documentary maker Rod De Wilde. It was not without reason: both were diagnosed with cancer and recovered. “The scars are still there,” Linda told 1,081,000 viewers.

Freedom was the word that was central to yesterday’s second mission. For Linda Häckeboom, the topic was emotionally charged, because two years ago she was diagnosed with breast cancer. Since that moment, she has kept her social media followers updated with all the flops on a weekly basis. She talked about the good days, but she was also candid about the bad days.

Radio DJ Ruud de Wild was told last year that he was suffering from colon cancer. He and Linda had great contact with each other during that time. De Wild even did artwork for Hakeboom, with the text on it I’m still standing. That’s why Hakeboom thought it would be a good idea to enlist De Wild’s help for her photoshoot: she planned to make new artwork, including the lyrics We are still standing.

“For me, this disease also represents some limitation on your freedom. Suddenly you become like this, and at some point you regain that freedom a little bit. But the scars remain. So it stays with you forever,” Hakibaum said.

The maker of the documentary also wanted to capture a weak image, and thus asked de Wilde to show the scar on his stomach. “I feel from him that he finds it a little complicated,” she said. So Hackebom, who has a scar between her chest and armpit, wanted to help de Wilde and decided to take a picture with him. For example, a photo was released in which they showed their scars to the outside world next to each other. “Wow,” DeWild replied excitedly afterward.

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Choosing Hakeboom to take such a compromised photo turned out to be a good move. William Rutten was full of praise while evaluating the jury members. “The second photo is so powerful. Yeah, those scars give me goosebumps. This is your survival moment, as it were. That was so powerfully portrayed. I think you made it very personal.”

Despite the big compliments, the jury was also fair: Not all photos were equally powerful. The verdict was “the rattle of the series”. Hakkibom understood the criticism, but it also affected her. “I think the jury’s comments are very spicy, but I have to say very honestly: Even if they said there was a big toe in the photo, I would have started crying already.”

Ultimately, it was Trijntje Oosterhuis who had to leave the programme. Linda Hackebom, Tina De Bruyne and Geraldine Kemper made it to the Season 7 Final. It takes place in Iceland.

Viewers at home were also pleased with Hakiboom’s selection. Linda gives me goosebumps with her vulnerability! Someone responded on Twitter: “So cute of Rod that he’s so exposed to Linda.” And another: Ohhh Linda Rose. How weak. how beautiful he is. Enter!’

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