Lieberhi sitting with his telescope in the monastery garden: “Don’t forget it again!”

The statue of Liberhey was made by artist Job van Nogtrain of Berg Hampstead: “It’s so special that people can now see the statue and sit next to it. I’ve been working on it for three months. I feel like I’m walking on springs.”

Van Nugteren only had a selfie of Lipperhey: “I had to make the whole picture out of that picture. The advantage is that you have a lot of freedom and you can use your imagination.”

Unknown to the general public

The statue was desirable because Liberahi is completely unknown to the general public. According to Kopijan, this mystery can be explained: “He was a literalist. These were not important people. He meant these binoculars for shipping or to see the enemy. Galileo Galilei was the first to point them at the starry sky and use them to make things visible. Which you can’t see otherwise In doing so, he somewhat overshadowed the name Liberahi.”

Lieberhay invented the telescope in 1608: “His workshop was exactly across from this herb garden. There he experimented with lenses because he was a spectacle maker. Coincidentally, there were very good glasses available in Middleburg at the time. He combined lenses so that he could make The use of the telescope. From that moment on, the viewer entered Europe as a useful scientific tool, ”explains Kopijan.

This became the first viewer to be Dutch scenes “Other scientists heard about this invention and began to refine themselves and improve viewers. Within a short time the most remarkable discoveries were made,” says Kopijan.

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So far it’s important

Not only in the past, but even today, science still uses the telescope with passion. Professor Dr. Dr. Hino Falk used the telescope to take a picture of the black hole. He’s happy to honor Lipperhey here, but he hopes other places in Middelburg will also indicate Lipperhey is here: “You have to tell people he’s here. People talk about Galileo Galilei, but they’re Hans Lipperhey and we forget his invention. You have to make sure it’s mentioned. In town he can be found here. Don’t forget him again!”

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