Learn about the treasures of Javanese culture during a one-day vacation

Subtly learn about the treasures of Javanese culture during the “Rediscover the Horizon” one-day retreat organized by Ivory and Ference. These two ladies, of Surinamese-Javanese descent, are especially inviting the Surinamese diaspora to participate in this inspiring one-day getaway. This aims to inspire and guide people for self-development using elements of Javanese culture. The theme of this event is “Self Love Without Excuses”.

The customs and traditions of Javanese culture are still a mystery to many. Out of curiosity and a desire for self-development, Ivory and Ference decided to embark on a journey of discovery together and explore no less ancient hidden treasures of their culture. From these treasures they love to share the wisdom and healing recipes they encounter with anyone who is curious or feels called.

The one-day Retreat “Rediscover the Horizon” is a unique opportunity to subtly learn about the rich Javanese culture and see how these customs and traditions can contribute to one’s self-development. The resort will take place on Sunday, May 7, 2023 in a beautiful location in Veluwe, ‘t Zonnehuis Retraitecentrum, offering a day full of inspiration, walking, breathing, workshops, connecting with others and above all connecting with yourself.

During the retreat, Ivory and Ference will use different elements of Javanese culture, such as gamelan music during meditation, breathing exercises inspired by traditional Javanese dance (Srimpi) and they will also give a workshop on Jamu making. Jamu is a medicinal drink made from fresh herbs, you can call it Javanese “pita”. Participants will have the opportunity to experience these practices and learn how to incorporate them into their daily lives for personal growth and self-development.

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This sanctuary is specifically aimed at the Surinamese diaspora, anyone who has an interest in Javanese culture and has personal growth as a very welcome target. Ivory and Ference are very passionate and love to share their knowledge and experiences to inspire others to create fulfilling lives by following their hearts and souls in all aspects of their lives.

Registration for the one-day Retreat Horizon Retreat is open and there are a limited number of spots available. For more information and to register, please contact Ivory en Ference at www.beingsadar.com/rediscoveryhorizon

About ivory and varnish
Ivory and Frances are women of Surinamese-Javanese descent with a passion for Javanese culture. They decided to share knowledge and experience with other trainers and therapists by holding workshops, organizing retreats, and through training programmes. They do this mainly to inspire others and guide them in self-development. They draw on the ancient treasures of Javanese culture to share wisdom and healing recipes with those who are curious or feel called. Their goal is to inspire people, especially the diaspora, to live fulfilled lives by following their heart and soul in all aspects of their lives. Through workshops, training programs, and retreats, Ivory and Ference want to help others discover their inner strength and use it for personal growth and self-development.

Both Ference and Ivory are fascinated by Javanese culture and have embarked on a personal journey of discovery and rediscovery. They are determined to inspire and guide others on the same journey, to share the richness of Javanese culture and to help participants rediscover their horizons.

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A one day retreat ‘Rediscover the Horizon’ is a unique opportunity to subtly learn about Javanese culture. Participants skillfully learn about elements of Javanese culture, such as gamelan music, srembe dance, and cleaning herbal drink jamu so that they can apply them in daily life. The resort offers a range of workshops, meditation and coaching to inspire and guide participants on their path to self-discovery.

The resort is designed specifically for the Surinamese diaspora, but is open to anyone interested in Javanese culture and self-development. It is an opportunity to learn from Ference and Ivory’s experience and connect with like-minded individuals who strive for personal growth and self-awareness.

Ivory and Ference invite everyone to take part in a one-day “Rediscover the Horizon” resort and discover the hidden treasures of Javanese culture. The retreat will take place on Sunday, May 7, 2023 at the ‘t Zonnehuis retreat center in Veluwe. Registrations are open and places are limited, so be quick to register. For more information and registration, please contact us www.beingsadar.com/rediscoveryhorizon.

Get inspired and rediscover your horizons during this special one-day retreat organized by Ivory and Ference. Come learn from the ancient wisdom and hidden treasures of Javanese culture and be a guide on your path of self-discovery and self-development. Join us and discover the strength of your heart and soul to reach your full potential.

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