Launch of a World Bank-funded project marred by a fake national anthem - Dagblad Suriname

Launch of a World Bank-funded project marred by a fake national anthem – Dagblad Suriname

“CDS has appropriate measures to prevent this in the future.”

The official launch of the so-called Competitive Suriname Project and Sector Diversification Monday morning, May 10 in Paramaribo Congress Hall, in the presence of President Chandrikapsad Santokhi, was marred by a very poor performance of the Suriname national anthem.

The lady who played the national anthem – who, by the way, was also the “congressman” – barely seemed to be able to sing well and seemed to have also read the words of the national anthem out of paper. She sang hesitantly and away from the tune, in the presence of the head of state. Hundreds responded negatively and with increasing astonishment to her “performance” on social media, and everyone wonders who “contracted” her and why no professional singer or singer has been appointed.

Handing her to the national anthem was an embarrassment, a disgrace. Many of the people who have listened and witnessed the woman’s “singing skills” have mentioned on social media that even a little kid of a fool would have sung the national anthem better.

CDS: “When are we going to get rid of sensation?”

Alvin Roosfield of Suriname Communications Service (CDS) says in response to Dagblad Suriname, that he does not want to reveal the identity of the conference / singer. ‘No. What is the benefit for you or her? When will we get out of feeling? In this case, only CDS had to facilitate recording and broadcasting. As per our responsibility, we have taken appropriate measures to prevent this from happening in the future.

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Minister Saskia Walden of the Ministry of Economic Affairs, Entrepreneurship and Technological Innovation did not want to comment on the singer’s performance.

The Suriname government has signed the Suriname Competitiveness and Sector Diversification Project with the World Bank, which is financing the project. It is implemented by the Ministries of Economy, Entrepreneurship, Technological Innovation and Natural Resources.

The project aims to improve the business and investment climate in Suriname, especially the mining, agricultural and tourism sectors.


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