China rejects new "political investigation" into origin of coronavirus |  abroad

China rejects new “political investigation” into origin of coronavirus | abroad

“We oppose political investigations” which, according to the deputy minister, ignore the joint report. A team from the World Health Organization, including virologist Marion Koopmans, conducted research in China at the beginning of this year and published a report. The research mainly focused on Wuhan and a laboratory there. At the time, the researchers of the WHO team considered it unlikely that the virus would transmit to humans there, but that theory is still alive and kicking. Especially after the emergence of email traffic in which the American virologist Anthony Fauci played a suspicious role.

The head of the investigation committee at the World Health Organization, the Danish Peter Benmbarek, said on Thursday that it is very likely that the coronavirus was transmitted from a bat to a human in a laboratory. Mubarak said it may have been a lab worker who was looking for bats. Many laboratory staff in Wuhan had been hospitalized long before the Chinese announced the coronavirus, according to information from the Americans.

During the World Health Organization’s fact-finding mission to China, Mubarak and his colleagues found it difficult to investigate its source. For example, they were not shown any documentation from the laboratory and they were unable to determine what kind of research was being conducted there.

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