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Read it over and over… and remember, it’s all about cosmetics. Finally you reply to the comment “They all look the same as in 2010”.

I’m not saying the iPhone is “as good as it is unchanged”. I would say, in my opinion, that the evolution of iPhone devices since the iPhone 4 is mainly in the details. These details have a cosmetic effect, but if you choose the iPhone 4 and iPhone 13. You can then see that they are related faster than, say, the car examples below. (Then apart from the Apple logo of course)).
For example, if you go to a file T Ford Look, I personally don’t see Ford in that, or if you take a look at a Renault Celticwater (I found it on Wikipedia right away. It didn’t tell me anything), then I don’t see “Renault” in it specifically. (Then again aside from the logos on the cars of course) I feel the differences between these two cars compared to their “modern” counterparts are even greater than those of the iPhone 4 and iPhone 13.

I will specify (partially) what I mean:

The first car: three very large wheels (similar to a bicycle) with wooden tyres. Flywheel (crank wheel?) to move it, lacquered wooden “floor” and a small rectangular cushion for two as seats/sofa, no trunk/etc., no roof, no doors, some kind of handle as steering wheel. In my opinion, it looked more like a luxury chariot without a horse.
Random Tesla: In short, a modern car. I think you can imagine the differences with the above on your own.

iPhone 4: A nicer smaller phone with a touchscreen, a button on the front, no “nodge” (no value judgment from me), no camera island on the back (aka “one camera only”), and a relatively wide bezel depending to today’s standards. On and off button at the top.
iPhone 13: A nicer larger touchscreen phone, without a button on the front, with a “nodge” (no value judgment from me), a narrow bezel, and a camera island on the back. a button on the side. (Don’t think you can turn it off?)

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For the rest. Both are rectangular in shape and have rounded corners. Both have two buttons and a slide switch on the left side. Both have speakers and a lightning connector at the bottom. Both have a front camera. Both have a very simple design overall.

If I missed something you can tell me. Keep in mind that it’s cosmetic, not artistic/artistic.

So I’m just saying that the difference between first car And Tesla, it has a bigger change than the iPhone.

You’d probably be right when you say all cars are from the 50s, 60s or something a lot like today, if you put them back to basics. But even then, I’ve experienced much greater differences than those in iPhones since 2010. With cars it feels like more than just ‘the details’. (It also took a lot of time of course)

It is not a value judgment of mine towards Apple or anyone else.
FYI: I don’t have any products with either of them number deep feeling. I’m very happy with my iPhone, but it’s still “just a phone” to me, which I think works better than an Android device. This is where it really ends up being for me. And cars don’t interest me at all :). For me, these devices are the least efficient way to get from point A to point B.

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