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Blizzard has released new details about Diablo IV. The upcoming dungeon crawler will include the Paragon System again for the endgame. The game features boards with bonuses and basic skills that players can unlock from level 50.

Blizzard reports in a blog post Players can earn Paragon Points, just like in Diablo III. However, in the next game, these points will be spent on a large board, which consists of squares with bonuses and skills. The system is intended for advancement in game over Diablo IV offers four different types of tiles.

The ‘Normal’ tiles on the Paragon board offer a small base bonus and magic tiles Offers “more powerful and more diverse rewards”. Rare tiles provide “big boosts” for certain skills, which become more powerful when players reach certain levels. The Legendary Squares are located in the center of the Paragon board and give players a new “Legendary Ability”. Some tiles can also be equipped with symbolic shapes. These are items that are unlocked during gameplay and unlock additional customizations.

Paragon boards also have “gates” at the ends. When players reach it, they can choose a new board and add it. Each new board has its own design with different squares.

Paragon board, tiles and glyphs. Pictures via Blizzard

Blizzard also says that it will be possible to transfer “legendary powers” from items to other in-game items. Therefore, a new NPC was introduced, called Occultism. Certain enemies will also carry specific items. For example, bandits must carry batons, bows and shoes. The developer also shares information about game images. Certain classes gain different visual effects when they defeat an enemy. For example, magicians can freeze or burn the enemy and barbarians can cut them in half.

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Diablo IV was announced in 2019 and Blizzard has been publishing a blog post with new information every quarter since then. It is not known when the game will be released. studio indicated in their quarterly figures That release must be delayed. Before that, it was mentioned that the game will be released in 2022. It is not known if this goal will be achieved.

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