Kipchoge sets the world record in Berlin, but does not think about the time under two hours |  Currently

Kipchoge sets the world record in Berlin, but does not think about the time under two hours | Currently

World record holder Eliud Kipchoge does not expect to run less than two hours during next Sunday’s Berlin Marathon. The 37-year-old Kenyan hopes to improve his world record in the world’s fastest city marathon.

“I think I can run a really good race and maybe my best ever, but I wouldn’t run less than two hours here,” Kipchoge said. The Berlin Marathon’s fast track has set world records for years.

Kipchoge is currently the world record holder for the marathon. He ran a time of 2.01.39 in the 2018 Berlin Marathon. A year later he managed to become the first athlete ever to run 42.195 kilometers in less than two hours on an indoor track in Vienna. With the help of seven pacemakers and technical tools, it came out at 1.59.40. So his time was not considered an official world record.

“One day someone will run less than two hours in a normal marathon, but I’m not in the Berlin Marathon. I want to run a good race,” Kipchoge said. The Kenyan indicated earlier this year that he wants to continue until the Olympic Games in Paris in 2024, which will be held before his 40th birthday.

“I want to make history by being the first athlete to become a three-time Olympic champion in a marathon. So Paris is very important to me, and I’m sure I will have a lot of energy for this race.”

Kipchoge faces competition from Adola

Kipchoge is already a marathon legend. He won fourteen of the sixteen marathons he has run in his career. In 2014, he won the Rotterdam Marathon. In 2021 he won the special qualifying marathon for the Tokyo Olympics at the Twente Air Base.

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In Berlin, Kipchoge can expect competition from Ethiopian Guye Adola, who won the race in Berlin last year with a personal best result of 2.03.46. American Kira D’Amato is the fastest woman on paper. I ran 2.19.12 in Houston this year.

The Berlin Marathon expects 45,000 participants from 150 different countries.

The fastest marathon ever

  • 1. Eliud Kipchoge (Berlin, 2018) – 2.01.39
  • 2. Kenenisa Bekele (Berlin, 2019) – 2.01.41
  • 3- Eliud Kipchoge (London 2019) – 2.02.37
  • 4- Eliud Kipchoge (Tokyo 2022) – 2.02.40
  • 5.Pyrano Legacy (Berlin, 2019) – 2.02.48

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