Kate served as a mediator during Philip's funeral

Kate served as a mediator during Philip’s funeral

It’s the first time Harry has set his feet on English soil since he and his wife Megan said welcome to their lives as a royal family into the British royal family more than a year ago, and the much-discussed interview was broadcast with Oprah Winfrey. Prince Charles’ sons have been at odds for a while, but according to British newspapers, the two recently spoke over the phone. to me daily Mail However, the two will only look into each other’s eyes for the first time in a year on Saturday.

To make sure they weren’t exposed to each other’s hair during the funeral, Kate – who for years regarded Harry as “the never-before-seen big sister” – used to keep the peace according to English media. And that’s okay for the Duchess of Cambridge, as Harry’s wife There was no praise for her on Oprah.

Source for The Telegraph They announced that this weekend, however, is not about the brothers and that they are putting their troubles aside in support of their grandmother, Queen Elizabeth. “They know that the Sabbath is not about them, it is about honoring the memory of their grandfather and supporting their grandmother,” the source said.

He adds that Kate finds it “very sad” that Harry and William were not in a good relationship, especially since she herself is very close to her brother and sister.

Due to Coronavirus, of course not many guests attend the funeral and according to Buckingham Palace, this is in line with the prince’s wishes. In England, thirty guests are currently allowed to attend a funeral. They all have to keep their distance and wear masks. According to royal family correspondent Anne-Marie de Conder, the funeral was mainly attended by family members and a number of best friends.

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But the big absentee is pregnant Megan. Prince Harry’s wife, who is currently pregnant with her daughter, is unable to travel to the UK due to her pregnancy. A source close to the couple said, “She did not receive a medical certificate from her doctor.” A smart choice, says Justin Marcella.

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