A jewel thief who doesn't regret: 'Kim Kardashian throws money away anyway' |  gossip

A jewel thief who doesn’t regret: ‘Kim Kardashian throws money away anyway’ | gossip

Abbas is one of a total of 12 men charged in the brutal burglary, in which millions of jewelry were taken from the Kardashian hotel room. In the video from Vice News, which is about how influencers are increasingly becoming victims of burglaries, Abbas explains, among other things, how they tracked down Kim. Follow her on social media and watch her reality series. This is how they found out that she was coming to Paris. She also noticed that Kim bragged a lot about her jewelry, and therefore had to have a lot of money, according to Abbas, who, according to him, remained in the basement when others went to the hotel room and took things with them.

When asked if he regretted his role in the robbery, he replied in the negative and said he “didn’t care”. Kim was “throwing her money away” and Abbas and his gang thought Kim wouldn’t care about the jewelry, so he justified his act.


The reality star then said that the theft during Paris Fashion Week was painful. She was ambushed alone in her hotel room and was held at gunpoint and tied up. Kim was afraid she would be raped or killed. Abbas believes their action shocked the reality star. “Yes of course. You wouldn’t get out of something like this unscathed. We didn’t expect that either, so of course you will be traumatized.”

The thieves ended up taking $10 million worth of jewelry. Abbas, who is awaiting trial outside prison for health reasons, earlier published a book on jewelry theft.

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