Jumbo-Visma regrets massive crash: 'We wouldn't have gone too far with today's flag'

Jumbo-Visma regrets massive crash: ‘We wouldn’t have gone too far with today’s flag’

This time it’s 1-2-3 that doesn’t give them much fun in Jumbo-Visma. After all, the result achieved in the second stage of the Burgos Tour was overshadowed by a massive collapse.

Stage winner Timo Rosen replied, “I had no idea what happened behind me.” “We were behind Edoardo Affini when he had a crash. I heard something and looked back, but I had no idea there was such a big crash. When I checked if I had a teammate at the wheel, I saw something yellow in the wheel. I thought it was David Decker”.

It was not: Decker was the first to fall to the ground, after which almost the entire peloton suffered the same fate. “After that I just kept craving. Nobody came and then I crossed the line cheering.” Misplaced, so the criticism seemed. “Of course it didn’t look elegant, but I didn’t know what was going on behind me. Knowing today, we would never have crossed the line.”

We’d rather not win this way

This was also confirmed by sporting director Adi Engels. “Our riders crossed the finish line cheering, but they had no idea what was going on behind them. That went down too for a while. It’s a great sport and we’re riding to win, but we’d rather not win like that.”

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