‘During the maternity visit, my mother-in-law started crying and screaming’

Not receiving a maternity visit for a few days after a heavy delivery: Sounds like a great idea, but not everyone agrees with it.

Milo (27), mother of Liv (7 weeks):

After Lev gave birth in the hospital after a violent and painful birth, we were allowed to go home two days later. We decided not to do that maternity visit To receive and start with the family. It was very contrary to the wishes of my mother-in-law, who became a grandmother for the first time.

Comfortable maternity visit

appeared on Monday maternity visit And after a quarter of an hour with our daughter in her arms, she exploded. Annoyed, she said she didn’t really think it was possible that she wouldn’t be allowed to attend on Sunday. I tried to explain it three times, but she kept saying she didn’t understand.

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I started crying and started crying more because it’s now bogeymanEventually, I ran away, and when I came back, my mother-in-law wanted to hug me, but because I was still passionate about my feelings, I didn’t want to. I said, ‘It’s all right, but I’m no better now.’

This made her fall hysterically on her chair and start screaming: You didn’t expect all this from me, what was I doing – she continued over and over again. Then she got in her car angrily. Intense and discouraging experience in my country birth week.


She came back later, but she never apologized. I think it’s more important for her to become a grandmother than we are to be parents.”

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