Jumbo-Visma Cooperation Team and JBZ Sports Medical Center

Jumbo-Visma Cooperation Team and JBZ Sports Medical Center

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Above) The Sports Direction for All is the starting point for the beautiful collaboration the two organizations have entered into with each other. “As a sports medical center, we provide our support by conducting exercise tests among the best athletes in Jumbo-Visma, and thus we learn a lot about the top sports culture.

We can use the knowledge and experience we gain in this way to support anyone who wants to enjoy sport, ”says Joost van de Mortel, Director of the Sports Medical Center. Together with Richard Plugge from the Jumbo-Visma team, he signed the cooperation agreement.

This collaboration has been well prepared in recent months, with the move to the new building “De Meet”, where both organizations have moved. Joost van de Mortel: “Our employees are currently allowed to work with the best cycling team in the world. We are proud to support them to remain among the best teams in the world.” Richard Plugge: “The professionals at SMC JBZ will give practice tests to the men, women and talents who drive in their junior teams. They are also involved in a collaboration between Team Jumbo-Visma, KNWU and NOC NSF where young talent is guided to the top.”

More than just a sport
The Jumbo-Visma team – just like SMC JBZ – looks further and also sees that there is a lack of exercise and an unhealthy lifestyle among young people. To this end, they have set up an academy in which, together with their partners, they wish to encourage young people to play sports and entice them to adopt healthier behaviour. To this end, several events are organized nationwide where mutual intention is expressed with the participation of SMC JBZ in the field of testing (lifestyle).

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Inspires and motivates the best athletes to train
In addition to the cooperation with Team Jumbo-Visma, SMC JBZ supports in the broadest sense many major sports organizations inside and outside S-Hertogenbosch. “The reasons we’re doing this are twofold,” says Van de Mortel. “The first reason is that we see the performance of the best athletes as an inspiration and motivation for people. This can encourage people to adopt a (healthier) lifestyle, which is a good motivation to heal better after injuries or to perform better in sports. This applies to anyone who is already ill or For people who are ready for change in their lives.We focus on what is important to someone in life.For top athletes, this means achieving their best sporting performance.For the residents of Den Bosch, for example, this can be cycling with friends on a Sunday morning. We are here for everyone!”

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