Josca lost her mother to cancer, so he went to Paris on a motorcycle

Josca lost her mother to cancer, so he went to Paris on a motorcycle

Josca van Steijn (20) from Breda and Rik van Heesewijk (20) from Best rode their scooters to Paris through wind, snow and rain. It’s rained, it’s been demolished, but it’s also proud to be back at Best on Wednesday night. With a hot Dutch meal on their lap, they look back on their trip and the donations.

“I lost my grandmother to cancer last year and my mother in 2009. That’s why I wanted to raise money for charity,” says Josca. Leoska had the idea of ​​riding his two-stroke pedal motorcycle from Breda to Paris last summer. On his way back from vacation, he drove past Paris and was surprised at how close the French capital was to his home country. I immediately thought: this can also be done on the bike, ”says Joska enthusiastically.

“I’ve had cancer a lot in my family.”

From that moment on, the thought never left him. “I carefully shared my plans with friends and family, but most of them looked at me crazy.” That didn’t stop the motorbike enthusiast: “I was sure I would do it, and then I also wanted to make something useful out of it,” says Josca.

Five days ago, after a stressful period, he rode his bike with determination. He didn’t do it alone. Where most wouldn’t be jumping for joy, good friend and fellow motorcycle geek Rick was more than willing to go with him. “I often go on scooter trips with Rick,” says Yoska. “Soon he was as excited as I was.”

Yuska and Rick at the Arc de Triomphe in Paris.
Yuska and Rick at the Arc de Triomphe in Paris.

Within three days they had flown to Paris, which, to put it mildly, was not always a bed of roses. “The first day was terrible,” laughs Yuska. “It was symbolically yellow and it was raining heavily. When we left Breda, we were already drenched,” he says. “Seventeen kilometers later, Rick got a flat tyre,” he sighs.

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After an hour and a half of fiddling in the rain and hail, the rear tire managed to stick. The chattering teeth slowly returned to a smile, but the joy was short-lived. After more than 25 kilometers, Rick disassembles his motorbike.

Still drenched in the freezing cold and snow they keep tinkering, but the bike was beyond repair. “The only luck was that we were close to home. The sweeper came to fetch a new one, but we are now more than a hundred kilometers behind schedule.”

“Soon we were completely demolished.”

But after rain and snow comes sunshine: “On the second day we walked more than two hundred kilometers.” Gentlemen whispered for more than eight hours a day and the heavy bags and bumpy roads began to take their toll. We were devastated, but the beautiful French roads made up for it. When we finally drove into town we were proud, but also so tired we didn’t really realize it,” says Joska.

The husband returned on Wednesday evening. At Rick’s house, they were greeted upon request with a Dutch meal: potatoes, vegetables, and meat. “We were really looking forward to it,” Josca laughs. “More donations were made than we expected, which was very special.”

The counter is now 3,500 euros. “We hope that the people who have heard about our adventure will decide in the coming days Another thing to contribute. “

Josca after arriving in Paris
Josca after arriving in Paris

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