From 1 May you can travel around Germany for a month for €49 |  Mountain and valley

From 1 May you can travel around Germany for a month for €49 | Mountain and valley

It is called “DeutschlandTicket”: a ticket with which you can travel across Germany from May 1 for a month on regional public transport (bus, train, tram, metro: second class). The Dutch can also buy such a ticket.

Last summer, commuters in Germany could use regional public transport unlimitedly for €9. The German government wanted to help families with this because of the sharp rise in fuel prices while stimulating the use of public transport.


It went so well that it was decided to offer such a ticket again from May 1. No longer for 9 euros but for 49 euros: although this is much more expensive, it is still very attractive for frequent users of public transport. This also applies to people who want to travel through Germany for a month as a holiday or who want to take a trip to Berlin. Then you have to change trains several times, and tickets are valid only on regional carriers, for the little ones. Tickets do not apply to intercity trains.

Available only in Germany and online

Tickets can only be purchased in Germany itself at the customer centers of the carriers or via the Internet. So if you go from Nijmegen by German bus (SB 58) to Kleef/Emmerik you can only buy a €49 ticket there. or order one online (

Deutschland tickets can already be ordered. You will then receive the ticket as a barcode in the app. Please note: tickets are not for sale at vending machines at the stations. According to the Neue Rhein Zeitung DeutschlandTicket is already in demand.

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