John Cleese makes fun of Quinn |  Entertainment

John Cleese makes fun of Quinn | Entertainment

All the media and social media are packed with news about the exciting interview Harry and Meghan had with Oprah which was broadcast in America on Sunday evening. But John Cleese thinks there should be more focus on Prince Andrew instead. Is there news about Prince Andrew and his refusal to cooperate with the US police in the Epstein scandal? Shouldn’t he lose his title because of this? Isn’t that his duty? Perhaps the Queen will talk to him … ”

Clees is widely acclaimed. His tweet has been widely shared and liked, and Prince Andrew is also heading to topic # 1 on Twitter in the UK on Monday afternoon. “I find it odd that they are more concerned about the color of a child’s skin but not with a prince accused of child sexual abuse with Epstein.”

With that said, few critics think it’s appropriate to bring up Prince Andrew now, while the news of the day is simply Meghan’s accusation of racism towards the British royal family.

Prince Andrew has been accused of having sex with her since 2015 by Virginia Joffrey, the alleged sex slave of Epstein, when she was 17. However, the FBI does not want to speak to him as a suspect, but as a witness, due to the information he can provide in Epstein’s investigation due to his links to the billionaire who died in 2019. By the way, it has recently become clear that Andrew is not welcome at the Queen’s birthday celebration.

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