Joe Biden takes the United States to the UN Human Rights Council

Joe Biden elected President of the United States. Photo: REUTERS, Washington D.C. – Three years after former President Donald Trump’s uncle Samin was ousted from the country, the United States (United States) will rejoin the United Nations Human Rights Council under President Joe Biden.

Secretary of State Anthony Blingen will immediately return to the Geneva – based Council as an observer on Monday (Tuesday, 9/2, Indonesian time), a U.S. State Department official said.

“We intend to do so, and the best way to reform and improve the church is to engage with it in a policy way,” the official said.

“We understand that the Council has the potential to become an important forum for those who fight against tyranny and injustice around the world. By being in it, we are working to reform and ensure that this institution is able to meet that potential,” he added.

The plan to return to the United States was first announced by the Associated Press.

Earlier, Trump left the UN Human Rights Council in 2018, halfway through his three-year term, with an “America First” agenda that would contribute to his decision to withdraw the United States from international organizations and treaties. Trump considers that the Council should not side with Israel and should not reform itself.

The 193-member UN General Assembly is scheduled to elect new council members this year. Members were elected to the chair for three years and could not serve more than two consecutive terms.

Candidates for membership are selected by voting on geographical committees to ensure representation.

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