Consider the former Sabu Raijua Kaboop Police Orient Rev. Cora

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One of the former candidates for district president in Bilgada Sabu Raijua 2020, Nicodemus Rihi Hague will file a lawsuit regarding citizenship status Orient Patriot Rivu Gore Related to the alleged status of a citizen of the United States.

According to Rihi Hawk, who is the current candidate in the 2020 Sabu Raijuva regional election, his party is currently considering whether or not the Orient Rivu Kore will go beyond the bounds of the citizenship law.

“Right now (regarding the legal process) we are currently thinking about whether we are proposing (legal process) or not,” Rihi Hague said when contacted., Monday (8/2).

Rihi Haek declined to say what lawsuits his party would pursue.

“It’s still waiting because everything is still being read,” Rihi Hague said.

He explained that the citizenship status of the Orient was left entirely to the parties concerned. As it is still in operation, we submit it in full to competent organizations such as KPU, Pavaslu, the Directorate General in Doha, the Ministry of the Interior and the US Embassy in Indonesia.

“I think when it comes to citizenship [Orient] We leave it to the talented companies to handle it [status kewarganegaraan], “Rihi Hawke explained.

Rihi Haek said that the parties concerned are also currently handling the US embassy report on the citizenship status of Orient patriot Rivu Gore. Continuing to star alongside Johannes Yili Kale in 2020 Sabu Raiju Bilgada, competent parties can make the right policies and decisions.

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His party did worse than expected from opinion polls, which saw them at gaining about two thirds of the support.

For information, Nicodemus Rihi Heck-Johannes Yli Kale 2020 lost Sabu Raiju Bilkada on December 9, 2020. The pair won only 30.1 percent of the vote in Bilkada, followed by three contestants.

Following the 2020 Sabu Raijuva regional election, Nicodemus Rihi was backed by Heck-Johannes Yili Kale, Nastem and Golkar. Then there was the candidate pair Takem Irianto Raja Bono-Herman Heki Raja, who received only 21.6 percent of the vote. Also, Orient B pair Rivu Corey and Tobias Yuli received 48.3 percent of the vote.

The Orient-Toby Yuli duo, who were promoted by the PDP and the Democrats, were later determined by KPU Sabu Raiju as the winner of the regional election.

Later elected Regent Sabu Raijua Orient P. Rivu Gore was said to still be a citizen of the United States. The discussion on the status of the Orient citizen was received on February 1, 2021 after an electronic letter from the US Embassy was sent to Pavaslu Sabu Raijua.

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