Joe Biden plans to run for president again

Joe Biden plans to run for president again

This was reported by the Bloomberg news agency based on calls With those close to and close to Biden. As with previous elections, his main motive will be to prevent a new Donald Trump presidency.

recent gains

Polls show that most Democrats favor a candidate other than the 79-year-old president. But those close to Biden say he is comforted by recent legislative, economic and foreign victories.

Above all, he is determined to once again disappoint Trump, who has already hinted at a new candidacy. “The president has said he intends to do it again,” said presidential advisor Anita Dunn. “People have to take him at his word.”

younger candidate

Three Democratic members of Congress, including Caroline Maloney of New York, recently suggested that Biden should give way to a younger candidate, while the famous Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (AOC) has already flatly refused to support his re-election.

Cedric Richmond, a former White House aide who coordinates campaigns for the Democratic Party, thinks very differently. “He’s clearly the best candidate we have,” said Richmond. He dismissed concerns about Biden’s age or popularity as “annoying and distracting”.

White House officials said Biden is supported by opinion polls that show he will beat Trump in a head-to-head duel in 2024.

And the president will be convinced that he won the Democratic nomination in 2020 because he had the best chance of unseating the incumbent at the time.

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