Job: EM is looking for students with journalistic ambitions

Writing correspondents With a sharp pen and nose for news who want to write news stories, press reports or reports and interviews.

video reporter Who is not afraid to be in the picture and address fellow students on campus, who wants to make video reports about student life in Rotterdam and more.

Cameroon en / video editor Who sets out to freelance with a reporter to shoot a story and/or can quickly create beautiful montages for EM video production.

We would appreciate it if you already have some experience, but this is not necessary. Journalistic ambition, enthusiasm and talent for an image or text. We also expect you to be available throughout the 2021-2022 school year to work on productions at least once or twice a month.

An interesting side job where you gain experience and can find out if a career in journalism is something for you. You will receive financial compensation for the work you do for EM. You will be mentored in your work by professional journalists and you will end up in a friendly, committed and intelligent team.

Send an email to [email protected] before Monday 13th September, stating:

  • As the title of “Application” + the job you are interested in;
  • max 200 words why you are suitable for it;
  • Relevant writing or theater or camera experience in a short CV;
  • Related products (text or image) in the appendix;
  • Your name, age and education.

You can direct the mail to Tim Ficheroux, Editor in Chief at EM. If you have any questions about the vacancy, please contact the editors at the same email address.

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