Millennials write about work and money.  Today: statement...

Millennials write about work and money. Today: statement…

Show money This term is currently flying around your ears on social media and the internet. There are showrunners and YouTube videos that promise results within 24 hours and there are selling courses to make you an expert at showing the money. In short, show money is Business boom. I think the idea that you can attract money will appeal to everyone?

Pretend, how does that work? In short, this is the law of gravity. This law works on the basis of vibrational frequencies and energy. By setting an intent, you send something into the universe and then take back something. In this case the money. By the way, this law is centuries old, but it became very popular a few years ago through the book “The Secret”. Is this based on results or because of smart marketing? Science criticizes the Law of Attraction, but there are also strong proponents of this theory. The fact that the result has not been scientifically proven makes it difficult for some real-life Dutch or people of Western background to believe it at all. But does that mean it’s not true?

Part of appearing is imagining your goal: really seeing it and feeling it in front of you. This is something I do with my big dream: a house in Spain. It might be embarrassing, but there’s a picture on the wall of my dream house. When I look at this picture and imagine that I actually own this house, I think I am more focused on achieving my goal rather than pulling it towards me. Doesn’t visualization necessarily enhance desire and thus increase focus? If I fantasize about my dream house in Spain every day, that doesn’t mean it’s coming all of a sudden. If I increase my concentration to earn more money and save for it, because I see this house clearly in front of me, it will reach it soon. Do you benefit from visualization without taking targeted actions?

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What I’m convinced of is that your thoughts have more impact than you think. If you remain in a state of negativity and doubt, the money will not come anyway. What you think is a choice. It’s up to you to adjust the negativity and feel “a little”. If you live with confidence, positivity and happiness, I believe you attract more. In that sense, I believe in a certain amount of attractiveness. I don’t know if this is real money. At least not in 24 hours, as stated in the video on YouTube. Perhaps pretending will give you more focus, or clearer goals with these thoughts. It could also be that you have more energy to achieve your goal or that you are more creative that you come up with certain ideas. You may be able to sell more persuasively or notice things that can help you sooner.

Can you show the money? I do not think so. At least not literally. What I think is that you can change your mindset. If I see myself sitting at my house in Spain and feel the sun on my face on my mind, I’d rather bring my laptop to earn some extra money. I also think visualization and persistence combined with targeted actions will take you further. whether you need an expensive course for that; no I do not think so.


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