Job beast for new British Prime Minister Truss

Job beast for new British Prime Minister Truss

The British have a new leader: Liz Truss of the Conservative Party. The UK’s third prime minister begins right away with a bloated to-do list.

Gears succeeds Boris Johnson, who resigned in July. Now that Truss has won a majority of her party’s votes, she can now govern. “I thank you for trusting me to lead our great Conservative Party, the largest political party on earth,” Ms Truss said in her speech. “As the leader of your party, I intend to do what these electors of our great country have promised us.”

economic misery

47-year-old Truss could immediately work at a huge job. Her country suffers from serious economic problems. There is high inflation: regular grocery prices are rising rapidly and energy prices are rising. So many Britons struggle to make ends meet.

bold plan

Truss has already said how she plans to tackle this problem: “I will issue a bold plan to cut taxes and grow our economy.” She hopes people will have more money to spend on bills, food, and energy. But according to her opponents, her plan is only helping the economy into the abyss.

Bye Boris

Boris Johnson is likely to formally submit his resignation to Queen Elizabeth tomorrow. Retired Boris believes his successor has the “right plan” to tackle the UK’s economic crisis.

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