Isolated duty instead of flight time and two negative test results | News release

News Release | 05/31/2021 | 23:59

From June 1, all travelers from countries with the highest COVID-19 risk will be subject to an isolated duty and mandatory negative NAAT (PCR) test. They must also have an isolated certificate. Travelers from countries with worrying virus variants should also show a negative quick test upon departure. Through these measures, the Cabinet will not extend the flying ban, which runs until June 1, based on OMT advice.

The EU entry ban is still in effect for travelers from countries whose flight ban expires on June 1. These are travelers from South and Central America, India and South Africa. They can enter the EU, so only if the Netherlands is exempt from doing so.


Passengers coming from the most dangerous area should be isolated for ten days after arriving in the Netherlands. After the fifth day the test can be isolated if it is negative. This duty applies to any type of transportation. Passengers from high-risk Orange countries are subject to mandatory NAAT (PCR) testing, urgent advice for motorists and isolation.

See a list of high-risk countries.

See the list of countries with the worst virus variant.

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