Isla Fisher and Sacha Baron Cohen announce their divorce

Isla Fisher and Sacha Baron Cohen announce their divorce

“After a long tennis match that lasted more than twenty years, we finally put down our rackets,” Isla captioned a photo with Sasha. The divorce took place before Rebel Wilson's infamous book was published. They filed for divorce together in 2023. “We have always prioritized our privacy and have quietly worked through this change,” Isla said.

Isla and Sasha have two daughters and a son together. “We forever share our devotion and love for our children,” she wrote of them.

Sasha has been under fire since his exit Rebel risingActress Rebel Wilson's memoir Where He Was Stop wild stings, in the street. In it she opens a book about the “scoundrel” behavior of the actor on set Grimsby Brothers (2016) have misbehaved. Rebel wrote in her memoir that the comedian dropped his pants and asked her to put her finger up his anus in one scene in the film. “Now I was afraid.” I wanted to leave so I finally settled: I beat him on his ass and improvised some lines to be my character,” are Rebel’s words in her book.

Sasha categorically denies these accusations. There are “documents from the time, film footage, and eyewitness accounts from people who were present before, during, and after the film's production.” Grimsby Brothers Which, according to the actor’s official spokesman, proves that the accusations are false. Moreover, Ripple is said to have been aware of and approved of the fantastic script.

to publish Rebel rising It has been postponed in the UK and Australia.

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