“Is the United States going to drop all the balloons in the world?”

“Is the United States going to drop all the balloons in the world?”

Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi criticized the United States at the Munich International Security Conference. He denounced the “unimaginably hysterical” reaction to the Chinese balloon that hovered over the US mainland for several days in early February.

US President Joe Biden eventually ordered this balloon to be shot down, on suspicion of Chinese espionage, when the balloon flew over the sea. “But there are so many balloons around the world,” Wang said, “Is America going to take them all down?” The Ministry of Defense in Washington has previously described the Chinese action as “unacceptable”.


The top Chinese diplomat also said at the conference that the United States is wrong in repeatedly portraying China as a geopolitical challenge. According to him, this fear is unfounded and America is trying to discredit his country. He cited the discussion about computer chips as an example.

Biden wants to invest billions in domestic chip production to become less dependent on China. The US president also imposed far-reaching restrictions on chip exports to Chinese companies. “This is 100 percent protectionism and 100 percent selfishness,” Wang said.

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Given the tensions between the two countries, it is not clear if Wang and US Secretary of State Anthony Blinken will meet again in Munich. There has been talk of a possible meeting for several days, but it has not been confirmed. The two ministers are still in the German city until Sunday.

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China: “Will the United States drop all the balloons in the world?”

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