Showbiz expert Charlotte Wenin: “Did Duncan fall in the basket tonight?”

It was Duncan Lawrence who put forward Mia Nikolai and Dionne Cooper for the Eurovision Song Contest. He promised the two to direct well, but he’s been busy with himself… Mia and Dion are performing tonight. If things go wrong again, it’s Duncan who falls into the basket!

Duncan Lawrence, who won the Eurovision Song Contest in 2019, introduces himself as coach to Mia and Dion. He also co-wrote the Dutch entry Burning daylight. So his job is to prepare the duo for the Eurovision Song Contest, which is scheduled to last for two weeks.

TikTok videos

But how serious is Duncan about taking on this job? While he could always count on his coach Ilse de Lange throughout his participation in 2019, he appears to have left Mia and Dion to their fate. The two have little or no experience. In fact, they had never performed on a big stage. The false debut set off alarm bells for everyone but Duncan. He was mainly busy making TikTok videos and announcing his new album.

False crows

After the second false apparition, Mia and Dionne, who are called “lying crows”, are less trusted. Why were these two chosen, if they couldn’t sing harmoniously at all? In recent weeks, the duo has received an avalanche of criticism. There was no response from their coach for a long time and everyone wondered: Where is Duncan?


And indeed: if you ask me, fingers of blame should not only be pointed at Mia and Dionne, but at Duncan in particular. Let’s be honest: If you dreamed of a successful career and this opportunity fell into your lap, wouldn’t it make more sense to say yes? Duncan is the one who pushes the two forward and promises good guidance. A promise unfulfilled, as Mia has already hinted: Throughout the entire circus, there was very little time to prepare. As a result, things turned out less than we would have liked.”

Too late?

In the times when Mia and Dion could use Duncan’s support and guidance, the singer was mainly busy making TikTok videos. In fact, in Mia and Dion’s most important week, Duncan thought he could release a new album. In the end, he put it off anyway. “We will do everything we can and do everything we can to manage all of this in the right direction, so that Mia and Dion can be on stage as relaxed as possible.” he said on Instagram. Better late than never…but isn’t it already too late?

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Tonight, Mia and Dionne are on a talk show Khaled and Sofia A new opportunity to show their ability to sing. It couldn’t get much worse than previous shows, but one thing is clear: If the two look like lying crows again, Duncan has made a huge mess and is the real loser. At least I’ll be ready for TV tonight. You, too?

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