Is climate change the cause of heavy rainfall?  Scientifically there is a very clear link.

Is climate change the cause of heavy rainfall? Scientifically there is a very clear link.

How does that happen now? “We have a precipitation zone going around the low pressure zone. The precipitation zone is completely stuck and can’t leave. It is an occlusion front. This is the merging of a warm front and a cold front. This always results in very heavy precipitation now falling” precipitation does not spread over a large area Rather, it is concentrated in one place.

According to Professor Terry, it is clear that climate change promotes phenomena such as heavy rainfall. “Scientifically, there is a very clear link between these phenomena and climate science. These phenomena are becoming more common as the climate warms. These phenomena will continue to increase.”

Scientists mainly expect a decrease in cold waves, an increase in heat waves, and an increase in droughts and intense rains.

“It sounds strange, but climate change is two sides of the same coin. The principle is this. A warmer atmosphere can hold more moisture, and hold more water before it gets saturated. That means we can have longer periods of time.” , but when it rains, there is more water in the atmosphere that can fall into a bundle. For every degree of atmospheric temperature rise, the atmosphere can hold seven percent more water.”

According to Thierry, warmer temperatures and more precipitation are not contradictory. “We expect more dry summers for Belgium in the future. At the same time, there is more rain in high concentrations when it rains. This means that we lose that water immediately and our water supply will not be able to replenish.”

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