International Sports Day: Five Unique Sports You Must Try

International Sports Day: Five Unique Sports You Must Try

On April 6, we celebrate World Sports Day every year. This day was established by the United Nations in 2013 to move people. We have compiled for you a list of unique sports that you can try.

1. Pickle ball

pickle ball It is a mixture of tennis, table tennis and badminton played on a modified tennis court. It is a rapidly growing sport in the United States, but the sport is also gaining popularity here. pickling Two against two happens and you do with one paddle and a waffle ballPerforated plastic ball.

2. Canoe Polo

The name speaks for itself. Kanopolo is a mix of water polo and rugby, but in a dinghy on the water. The main difference is that the targets are suspended above the water. It is a fairly intense and sometimes aggressive team sport, but injuries are rare because you are wearing adequate rugby protection. Twice the match lasts ten minutes with a three-minute break in between. It is definitely worth trying on a warm spring or summer day.

3. Underwater hockey

We stay in the field of water sports for underwater hockey. It is a kind of regular hockey game that everyone is familiar with. However, this is a 3D version because in this game opponents can come from behind, in front, from below or on top of you. In two teams of six, the goal is to score as many goals as possible with a short stick. A match consists of two 15-minute periods with an intermission of three minutes. You have to be able to snorkel, because you don’t get an oxygen bottle, just a snorkel.

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4. A bossa ball

Bossaball is a combination of volleyball, soccer and dance. It is usually played in two teams on a bouncy castle on the beach. The Belgian invented the game when he was in Spain. The name is derived from the South American Bossanova music movement. It is because the game is guided by the music played or decided by the referee. The ultimate goal? Get the ball on the opponent’s court as often as possible as in volleyball.

5. Bungee fitness

You may have already seen it on TikTok, but bungee fitness is the latest buzz. This is ideal for those who want to play sports, but do not have (yet) such endurance. You can perform all kinds of exercises, such as pumping, while holding on to an elastic band. It’s less intense, but you can still train all muscle groups. In the meantime, you can already book a group lesson in different sports centers. If you have a really hard roof, you can also install a joist at home at a cost of about 400€.

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