In Moscow, the entire police force is on alert

In Moscow, the entire police force is on alert

Tass news agency reported tonight that Russia’s leaders Wagner Eugene Prigozhin will be brought to court for “calling for rebellion.” Prigozhin, lashes more and more violently. He calls the Russian military leadership liars in his video messages, accuses the Ministry of Defense of brutally shooting his men and killing an “enormous number” of mercenaries, and claims he ordered his forces to advance to the same ministry in Moscow.

Prigozhin says so bluntly evil This is the leadership of the Russian army must stop. According to messages on Telegram, he called on the Russian military not to oppose his Wagner mercenaries and to join them. Those who killed my men today, who destroyed tens of thousands of lives of Russian soldiers, will be punished. I ask: no one resists. The Russian Defense Ministry denies firing on Wagner forces.

Prigozhin’s floggings have led to endless speculation in the Western media. There is a hint of a coup, but the question immediately arises of who is behind it. Is Prigozhin himself the one who wants to seize power? Does it pave the way for Putin’s work? Prigozhin himself says that he is leading a “march for justice”, not a “coup”.

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