Air Defender ’23 in a nutshell |  02

Air Defender ’23 in a nutshell | 02

text Captain Charlotte Ferrolmi Snell
picture (Above) Sergeant Jasper Ferrulmi

Looking back at NATO’s largest ever air exercise

With 25 countries participating, 10,000 military personnel and 250 aircraft, Air Defender will go down in history as the largest NATO Air Force exercise ever. The Allies trained intensively in European airspace for two weeks. Missed? Check out the photo impression here!

Air Defender 23

In Air Defender, the so-called Article 5 has been running in the background. According to this NATO article, an attack on an ally is an attack on all NATO members. Therefore, the International Air Force trained on the rapid and rapid deployment capability and how it can be done jointly. The pilots performed many different scenarios that focused on ground defense and ground attack. The two-week exercise took place mainly in German airspace, but part of it was also made available by the Netherlands. In addition to two F-35s and two F-16s from the Royal Netherlands Air Force, Dutch Air Combat Commanders were also active, as was the National Data Liaison Management Cell.

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