Idol Marlies look back on a difficult time in ‘Better than Ever’: ‘My husband went blind’

Idol Marlies look back on a difficult time in ‘Better than Ever’: ‘My husband went blind’

Marlies engaged in 2004 idols. She comes in fourth place and forms her own band. Through a drummer, she met then-singer Robbie Valentine, who scored a hit in the 1990s with Repeatedly. The spark is jumping, Marlies touring with him across Japan, among other things, the two married in 2017 and have a daughter together who is now ten years old. Sounds like a great life, but 2016 is the beginning of the “very sad years.” Robbie, whose real name is Robert Quimby, has gone blind.

“He lost his sight in 2016 due to an infection in his right eye,” says Marlis. At the time of the aura, the vision in his left eye also begins to deteriorate. So I called the hospital. Yes, ma’am, it’s closed,” she says of the waiting list Robert has been put on. The situation is deteriorating rapidly. “After lockdown he was allowed to come in and after that he only saw seven or ten percent. He then had emergency eye decompression surgery, but the damage to the optic nerve was irreversible.”

Marlies, still dreaming of a successful solo singing career, describes how her husband will be rehabilitated at an institute for the blind. “Then of course I was with that little one. Really big time. Worst for him, I always think he sounds a little spoiled when I say I’m also having a hard time.” But she agreed after acknowledging Waylon’s words: “You gotta get your shoulders on the wheel together.”

“Now it’s your time,” Waylon says, introducing her appearance in The best I can be. “what are you going to do?” “I want it all From the Queen, Marlisse replied gleefully. We will not be modest. She adds, “It’s kind of my topic.” Not everything is possible, but I want it all.

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On time idols Marlies looks back with mixed feelings. It was a “nice springboard”, but she was left with a great deal of mental damage from the negative feedback on her appearance. “I’d read thousands of times that I was the ugliest person out there,” says Marlies. She describes how sometimes in those days she was asked to take a picture on the street without make-up on her way to the supermarket. “That is then posted on such a forum and then there are a lot of reactions like, ‘Oh Jesus, how ugly in real life. ”

Marlies also tests after her idolsParticipate for “years” to see the effect. “If I could choose between going out without makeup and getting food quickly or not eating at home, it really became my second choice.”

The best I can be It can be seen every Thursday at 8:30 pm on RTL 4 and you can Look back here.

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