Johnny Depp is back on stage: has the tide turned for the actor?  |  Movies and TV shows

Johnny Depp is back on stage: has the tide turned for the actor? | Movies and TV shows

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But there is still a bit of work in America

Depp will also appear in front of the camera again. He is now shooting in France Jane Du Barry, in which he plays the role of King Louis XV. The plot of the film revolves around the life of Jane, who became the mistress of the king and caused a major scandal at the court.

Both films are made in Europe. In America, filmmakers are not yet eager to work with Depp. Director Jerry Bruckheimer recently announced that there will be a sixth Pirates of the Caribbeanpart up. But the chance of seeing Depp in him seems small.

The actor himself has already said that he does not like it, perhaps also out of self-protection. Disney, the producer of the popular movie series, likely won’t be working with an actor who recently fought publicly with his ex-wife in the short term.

Art, Music and TikTok

In any case, Depp does not shy away from an empty agenda. In addition to his two film projects, the American is also busy with music. Together with guitarist Jeff Beck, he made an album with which the duo is on tour in America.
Depp also regularly makes his voice heard on social media. He posted a video of his VMA performance on Instagram and has also been active recently on TikTok.

Depp also regularly retreats to his studio to paint. He has been active as an artist for a long time and has mainly done portraits of such famous colleagues as Keith Richards and Elizabeth Taylor. Recently, a few works were sold within a few hours for 3.5 million euros.

So things are going right again with Johnny Depp. Something is the same predicted. Soon after hearing that the judge ruled in his favor in the case against Heard, he said, “The jury has given me my life. The best part is yet to come.”

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