“I stick to the 80-20 rule.”

“I stick to the 80-20 rule.”

You also eat processed foods, because everyone does. This way you can be sure to kick the habit of consuming ultra-processed foods and drinks.

Just how unhealthy ultra-processed foods are was recently proven when English doctor Chris van Tulleken spent 30 days Fast food in. This had a disastrous effect on his health, as evidenced by this this video. The most shocking conclusion? “Anyone who eats a lot of ultra-processed foods, their brain will behave just like an addict.” Also in the Netherlands, we buy and consume more and more ultra-processed foods, because our brain forces us to do so unconsciously. How can you prevent yourself from following Van Tulleken and becoming increasingly unhealthy?

No ultra-processed foods for 30 days

Guest writer Martin Verkueren takes a different tack and eats extremely healthy for 30 days. The only challenge: getting his kids with him. Because “healthy” and “makes you strong” arguments are not enough. And it should be delicious too. Can this go together? We will try it by preparing recipes from pure products for a month. But does this guarantee that you are getting enough healthy food? Let’s first interview a nutritionist.

We've been cooking healthily for a month, but is it delicious?
We’ve been cooking healthily for a month, but is it delicious? (Photo: Green Chef)

Maartje Bott, the nutritionist who worked on Green Chef meals, stresses the importance of mindful eating. She points to the negative impact of ultra-processed foods often found in supermarkets. This food contains additives to extend its shelf life, make it more attractive and improve its taste. The combination of fat, sugar and salt in these products creates an immediate feeling of happiness, but it is addictive and leads to overconsumption and intake of unhealthy substances.

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“Cheap and reckless”

“Because ultra-processed foods are often cheap and ubiquitous, many people prefer them to home-cooked meals. But this preference has negative consequences, because instead of mindful eating, it turns into rapid and thoughtless consumption. It is necessary to pay attention What to buy, how to prepare it and how to eat it. This allows you to develop a healthier lifestyle.

Ultra-processed foods are making us sick and here's how you can save yourself
Legumes contain a lot of fiber and protein, which is ideal if you exercise a lot (Photo: Green Chef)

“If you do not swallow food in a hurry but chew it well, this has many health benefits. Food is digested and absorbed more efficiently in your body. Moreover, you feel full faster because it takes longer to eat your meal and your stomach sends a timely signal that you have eaten Enough food before overeating. You’ll also be less likely to get hungry again if your digestion is still active. Such benefits don’t exist in ultra-processed foods.

What do you recommend for a balanced diet?

“If your life is busy with work, sports, friends and family, it is important that you consume as much nutrients as possible. This way your engine will last longer. The fifth scale is there for a reason, and the Nutrition Center continues to recommend using it in the refrigerator and kitchen. Everyone makes mistakes sometimes, and I Personally I stick to the 80-20 rule. If I make sure 80% of my diet consists of responsible food, I will have a good foundation and stay balanced even when I visit the snack bar once in a while.

Ultra-processed foods are making us sick and here's how you can save yourself
If you make sure that you are eating a sufficiently balanced diet, you can easily have a snack from time to time (Photo: Green Chef)

“This gives you more energy to survive even a hectic life. Even if you have children, it is worth investing in making them aware of healthy food. If you let them choose between different vegetables, they will feel like they have a say. Especially if you change up the recipes and preparations, You’ll end up with favorite dishes that they love. This gives them a good foundation for their later life, which is very important.

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What do you think of meal box providers?

“I’ve been doing Green Chef meal boxes for a while. The nice thing about that is Green Chef It is that they have already done all the thinking and research for you. This also ensures that you get a daily serving of 250 grams of vegetables that you can prepare in creative and varied ways. For their customers, it’s a great idea to be able to choose their favorite recipes each week and ensure that each recipe contains all the right nutrients. You can also have it delivered to your home, which saves time. “

Ultra-processed foods are making us sick and here's how you can save yourself
Green Chef offers a lot of options and variety (Photo: Green Chef)

We decided to spend a month with the whole family trying out all the different menu favorites Green Chef has to offer: vegetarian, vegan, quick and healthy, <550 calories, low carb, and keto. Our kids certainly weren't looking forward to it, and were shuddering at the thought of having to go on a diet for a month.

Tastier and more fun for children

But when they saw that they could choose from dozens of recipes every week and thus make their own selection online, they suddenly thought it was fun and cool. After the first week they saw nothing but benefits. You no longer have to go shopping, you no longer have to think about what to cook and also learn how to eat new dishes. To my surprise, the plates were empty every evening.

Ultra-processed foods are making us sick and here's how you can save yourself
Healthy foods can be really delicious, tastier than junk food (Photo: Green Chef)

Even after trying Green Chef, we continued to eat healthy, although we still got French fries or pizza every now and then. In any case, the biggest gain is that we are starting to think differently about food. We also view packaging in supermarkets with a more critical eye, often abandoning processed products in favor of natural, unprocessed products.

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I got Green Chef I have arrived home 52,99 euros weekly. They also have a temporary one Introductory discount.

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