I have a tennis elbow.  How far can I move with it?  |  Ask the expert

I have a tennis elbow. How far can I move with it? | Ask the expert

Reader questionAi, the omens did not lie: there is indeed something about your elbow. The pain spreads even into your forearm. Keep moving if you have tennis elbow. To prevent him from harassing you for up to a year, you will have to exercise with caution.

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Bert Motsiris: With tennis elbow, most people feel pain on the outside of the elbow at the level of “bone mass”. This pain may spread to the forearm. The reason is irritation or inflammation when the tendons attach to the bone.

You feel pain with movements that use your forearm muscles, such as squeezing, or repeating the same movement too often (work, computer work, etc.). But even if you suddenly make your muscles work hard, for example by exercising without a warm-up – think of playing tennis – there is a risk that you will develop complaints. People between the ages of 40 and 50 are at particular risk of developing tennis elbow.

The degree of pain determines what you can do

Due to the constant force on the tendon tissues, their quality decreases, causing complaints from a certain moment. You can certainly do some things on your own. Keep moving, but do so based on how much pain you’re in. It doesn’t move at all.

You can also continue to work many jobs, provided you do so with the policy. Stretching and gradually increasing strength training exercises slowly but surely help get your forearm muscles back on track.

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If you treat tennis elbow poorly, the complaint can last up to a year

I would definitely contact a physical therapist for instructions and an exercise structure. Although tennis elbow almost always goes away, it can last a very long time in a “bad” way. In the worst case, up to a year.

are still there Other possible treatments (like injections for pain relief), but you definitely can’t do it yourself. good luck.”

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