How healthy is strawberry?  And more interesting facts about the fruit

How healthy is strawberry? And more interesting facts about the fruit

It is available again: strawberry. This delicious homemade summer fruit is best from June through September. But nowadays they are available all year round. Want to know this about (Dutch) strawberries.

Is strawberry healthy?

Strawberries are full of Vitamin C and low in calories. Of the popular fruits, only kiwi contains more vitamin C, which is why it is often said that strawberries are very healthy. according to Nutrition center Eating fruit is associated with a lower risk of diabetes and lung cancer.

But whether this red fruit is healthier than other fruits, Professor of Nutritional Biology Ranger Wittkamp is skeptical, he tells SELF. password. “It’s very difficult to say if a particular product is healthier. You have to put the food in perspective, in a pattern. If you go on a diet of one strawberry, you’re going to die. You need more.”

When are they available?

An average of 60 million kilograms of strawberries are grown in the Netherlands each year. We are so glad we eat them ourselves, but some are also destined for export. Where strawberries were only in season from June to September, the fruit is now available all year round. This is because farmers grow strawberries in the greenhouse from October to May.

Strawberry storage

When you have a can of strawberries at home, it is good to know the best way to store them. Right in the refrigerator or not? Should it be washed first? We offer the answer to all these questions in a previous article.

The name of the kings of summer

The red fruit is nicknamed the kings of summer. According to VT Wonen, the nickname comes from an ad campaign from the ’70s, and it was so successful that everyone is still talking about the summer royalty.

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white strawberry

In addition to red strawberries, there are also white strawberries. It’s not that those are still immature, it’s a different kind that has its own taste as well. They are called pineapple strawberries. That’s because it has a fresh, sour taste similar to that of pineapple.


In addition to the fact that the fruit is delicious to eat on its own, it can of course also be used in various dishes. Take a look at our recipe page for inspiration. Or opt for this strawberry soup with ice cream from Emina Zorlak.

(Source: Het Voedingscentrum, Parool, Verse Harvest, VT Wonen Belgium, Culy. Photos: Shutterstock)

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