High inflation hinders sales of HelloFresh lunch boxes

High inflation hinders sales of HelloFresh lunch boxes

Photo: ANP

According to HelloFresh, higher inflation means consumers will be spending less on packs of meals this year. The German company originally lowered its profit and sales forecast as people’s lives have become noticeably more expensive across the board since the Russian invasion of Ukraine. In addition, consumer confidence in the economy has clearly fallen, HelloFresh also argues.

First, the company relied on a pre-tax profit this year of between 500 and 580 million euros. That is now adjusted to an amount between 460 and 530 million. Projected turnover was also revised downward by a few percent.

According to HelloFresh, which is also active in the Netherlands and the United States, preliminary results for the second quarter showed stronger than expected results. The turnover was nearly €2 billion, compared to more than €1.5 billion in the same quarter last year. The number of active customers is now around 8 million. No separate figures were released for the Netherlands.

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