Heika van Es, Director of Educational Institutions at OCW |  News article

Heika van Es, Director of Educational Institutions at OCW | News article

After working in local government for 12.5 years, including as Director and Deputy Director of Information Technology, Hika moved to central government in mid-2022 as Catering Director at the Education Executive Agency (DUO). Heika studied public administration at Radboud University in Nijmegen.

A major challenge is to strengthen the position of the implementing organization, stimulate innovation and expand the customer thinking of the employees of educational institutions (OI), so that OI can also deliver on the basis of the four DUO customer promises (reliable, future-oriented, customer-oriented and communicative). She continues to do her best for her clients in all aspects.

Heikka van Es: “I am really looking forward to working with all the staff of the Directorate of Educational Institutions and other colleagues at DUO to provide reliable and innovative services that meet the needs and missions of educational institutions or other partners. My heart lies in meaningful communication between government and society. As an organization, I want to be curious And inclusively, also among each other. Moreover, our services contain wisdom, which I would like to actively contribute to policy development.

Rudi Snijders, Chief Executive Officer: “I am happy that Heika continues her good work at DUO as OI Manager. With her fresh perspective, analytical skills and feeling for people, I am convinced that with Heika at the helm, OI management will see significant development in the coming years.

This appointment to the position of ABD was made through the general procedure for positions within the Public Administrative Service. DGABD implemented the recruitment process for this appointment and supported the Ministry of Education, Culture and Science in the selection. As usual, the vacancy was widely announced so that everyone could apply.

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