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Corona Figures: Limburg is the biggest fire seat in the country | 1 Limburg

Limburg was the province with the relatively highest number of coronavirus infections last week. This is mainly due to the large number of infections in northern and central Limburg.

Compared to the population, the Coronavirus is spreading the fastest in our province, with 332.90 infections per 100,000 inhabitants. This is evidenced by the figures for GGDs and the National Institute of Public Health and Environment (RIVM).

The difference between north and south
The differences between north and south are still large. The watershed area of ​​GGD Limburg-Noord was the largest source of fires in the country last week, recording 419.41 injuries per 100,000 inhabitants. In southern Limburg, this is much lower with 257.56 infections per 100,000 inhabitants.

If we look at the municipal level, most people in Beesel have been relatively infected: 585.92 per 100,000 inhabitants. Venlo (559.94), Roerdalen (554.14) and Roermond (528.72) follow.

The third peak
“We are seeing the number of tests increasing and that in weeks 11 to 13, the number of infections is also increasing in North and Central Limburg,” says Hans Boskis, a spokesperson for GGD Limburg-Noord. “It’s been going up steadily for a while. That means we’re in the third summit.” GGD has no idea why the number is higher in Northern Limburg than in other regions. “It is difficult to investigate because it can depend on so many different factors. It is often difficult to identify the painful area.” Just like nationally, GGD is also seeing an increase in the number of young people taking testing, as well as the number of positive youths.

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Limburg numbers
In all, 3,719 cases of corona were diagnosed in the past seven days, of which 2,181 were in North and Central Limburg. In total, at least 83,894 Limburgers have been tested for the virus. The county population increased by 23 fellows, to 2,102. Last week, 12 people were killed. Coronavirus has now killed at least 1,238 Limburgers.

Patriotic personalities
Nationwide, the number of confirmed cases of corona decreased by 7 percent last week compared to the previous week. RIVM recorded 48,186 positive test results in seven days. With the positive number, it’s worth noting that 10 percent fewer tests were done.

Easter holiday
“This decrease may be due to fewer people having self-tested during the Easter holidays,” according to RIVM. “In the coming days it will become clear whether the decrease in the number of positive test results continues.” The decline was strongest among elderly people over the age of 80 (-15 percent) and among young people up to the age of 18 years (-11 percent).

The number of new coronavirus cases increased by 13 percent in the week of March 23 to 30. In previous weeks, the RIVM had noticed an increase of 16 percent and 24 percent. The uptrend that started in mid-February was also halted at the beginning of March, before rising sharply again.

The aura’s scales were unchanged. The vaccination campaign is steadily moving forward. And RIVM has already indicated that this is likely to pay off among older adults. The number of new hospital admissions for people with Covid-19 also decreased slightly last week, by 3 percent. There were a total of 1,588. In intensive care, the number of admittedly critically ill Corona patients increased dramatically, by 19 percent. A total of 376 new admissions have been registered with the IC.

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R number
According to RIVM’s calculations, the number of reproductions, which indicates how quickly the virus is spreading, decreased slightly. It now stands at 1.01. This means that the situation is almost stable and that 100 injured persons are affected, an average of 101 others.

RIVM recorded 142 deaths. A week ago there were 171.

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