Harry (without Megan) returned to London for the Diana Memorial

Harry (without Megan) returned to London for the Diana Memorial

Harry passed Megan Markle alone without his support and backing. Their two children, Archie and Lily, are still in the United States. Daily Mail It was previously reported that Queen Elizabeth’s grandson was being cared for by his favorite daughter-in-law, Princess Eugenie, as he now has no permanent residence in the country. He has lived in the Fragmore cottage since Harry and Megan moved to the United States.

Harry is in the UK to unveil a statue of his mother, who turned 60 on July 1, 1997, but was killed in a car crash on August 31, 1997 in Paris. For that reason, a statue of Diana is unveiled on her birthday in the Kensington Palace garden where William and Kate live. Harry and William are said to be performing separate speeches to pay tribute to their mother.

This event was the perfect opportunity for Harry to do something about his broken bond with his brother. Men set aside their differences that day, sources say. This is the first time the brothers have seen each other since Grandpa Philip’s funeral. Although they speak via text message, the bond is far from being restored.

“There were no personal or good conversations,” one source said The sun. “Only very short and minimal messages. Their relationship is still very tense.”

Speaking of money, Prince Charles’ spokesman told ITV that the British heir to the throne had backed his son financially when he took a step back from the British royal family. A Clarence House spokeswoman said the money helped Harry and his wife, Meghan, transition into their new lives. It doesn’t sound like what Harry said in the now much-discussed interview with Oprah Winfrey.

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