Spain and China have reached a historic agreement

Spain and China have reached a historic agreement

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With sales estimated at over 600 million euros, the Spanish Ministry of Agriculture, Fisheries and Food has reached a good conclusion with this. The contract size may increase to 50,000 tonnes of almonds in 2025 and 90,000 tonnes in 2032. Prime Minister Pedro Sánchez’s visit to China in March certainly helped.

China is the main importer of Spanish almonds

With this deal, China has become one of the main recipients of Spanish almonds. Within Europe, France, Germany and Italy are the largest recipients. Currently, Spain already has about 757,000 hectares of land dedicated to almond production. In the last ten years, the number of irrigated farms has increased by 32 percent.

Within the agreement, a number of protocols have already been drawn up on the land for growing nuts and fruits, the relevant warehouses designated for this, and how supervision is carried out from production to export to China.

Total exports of agricultural products from Spain are currently more than 68,000 million euros per year, of which 24,000 million euros are exported to non-EU countries.

Imports of American almonds worse than own production in Spain

The deal is favorable for Spain, especially since Spain is underserved by many almond imports from the United States. Almonds from Spain are still the best quality. Nevertheless, Spain is one of the European countries that imports many products from the US, mainly because of competitive prices.

As a result, many Spanish almonds are exported abroad because prices within Spain stagnate or fall because American almonds must be consumed before they go bad.

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