Hans Kamna did "naughty things sometimes" as a director for the cast |  entertainment

Hans Kamna did “naughty things sometimes” as a director for the cast | entertainment

‘Then I said to such a boy, ‘You don’t think you’ll play Hamlet now, do you?’ Kimna did not necessarily say so out of awareness of his position in power. “It seems to be a very preconceived notion. I didn’t say anything like that seriously, it might make it uncomfortable, but it provided clarity, and the boundaries were clear.”

Kemna never thought a story about him would come out in the current MeToo era. “I haven’t lost any sleep because of it. It’s not right. I’m not crazy.”

changing the name

In 2017, his former company Kemna Casting was embarrassed when it turned out that then-director Job Gosschalk had gone too far. “Every morning when I got the newspaper off the carpet, I would see my name in this context while I had been away from the company for 17 years. It drove me so crazy that I suggested to myself that changing the name might be a good idea. They found it there too.”

Kemna Casting then continued under the name Post Castelijn. Now Kemna finds it “unfortunate” that his name is no longer associated with the company. “It was great to see my name appear at the end of the movie. They are often bad movies, but the actors can’t help you with that.”

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