Inbox Miljuschka Witzenhausen “burst” after a discussion about Shakira’s track

Inbox Miljuschka Witzenhausen “burst” after a discussion about Shakira’s track

In her new song, Shakira attacks former soccer player Gerard Pique, who replaced her with a younger one. There was a discussion about this last week in the RTL Boulevard office between Miljuschka and radio DJ Morad El Ouakili. “Now my fellow males from Boulevard really didn’t think a breakout track was possible, because Shakira is a mother after all and the singer has to keep singing sweet songs. Well, of course I couldn’t keep my mouth shut, because I don’t agree with this at all.” Miljuschka remember this,

“My inbox really exploded after I streamed,” says Miljuschka. “Feedback came from all angles from women, but also from men. They collectively agreed with me.”

She continues, “Some men really think they can fix anything and women are just mindless pieces of meat. Well, Who runs the world girls! Wives, mothers, grandmothers, sisters, all of us! But why is it still one of the things that women are not allowed to do or say certain things and men?! I really can’t reach him with my hats on. (…) I could really explode from this.”

Curious about the discussion? You can see it below:

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